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Chemische Fabrik Schwäbisch Gmünd

Company policy

Grau Aromatics GmbH & Co. KG is working in the field of development, production, marketing and selling of flavour chemicals, perfume oils, botanical extracts and cosmetics. The most important goal that Grau Aromatics GmbH & Co. KG has is to fulfill expectations and demands of our customers by the production of high-quality products. This is the tradition of the enterprise and the key to the continuous existance on the market for more than 100 years.

Quality policy

Our quality politics agree with the enterprise principles and the customer-oriented quality principles and contain the following demands:

  • The customer is the center of our efforts. The determination and fulfilment of its quality requirements is the basis for a satisfactory cooperation and for the entrepreneurial success of Grau Aromatics GmbH & Co. KG. For the production we have developed our own quality standards, which can be coordinated if necessary with the customer's needs. Suppliers, authorities and the public are also important partners. By a good cooperation with them the enterprise ensures a safe and quality-assuring production.
  • Quality is a process embodied within all workers and employees. In particular close cooperating in handling of order, laboratory and production guarantees the optimal adherence to the customer's requests.
  • By regular examination of the management system and the measures derived from it we ensure the continuous improvement of all processes in the enterprise.
  • The quality policy is appropriate for the purpose and the context and enables the derivation of quality objectives.
  • The quality policy is known within our company and hereby publicly available for externally interested parties.

Markus Grimminger

Managing Director

Grau Aromatics GmbH & Co. KG