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Chemische Fabrik Schwäbisch Gmünd

Flavour- and Fragrance Chemicals

Flavour- and fragrance chemicals - You can get a view of our delivery programme by downloading our product list: Flavour- and fragrance chemicals and Alcohols and Carboxylic Acids.

Botanical Extracts

We are producers of: hydrosoluble extracts with reference letter HS (hydrosoluble) liposoluble extracts with reference letter (liposoluble) for more than 35 years. Our plant extracts can be added to cosmetic products without any problems.

Plant Distillates

Our plant distillates are manufactured in the most careful way by water steam distillation. They contain all in water vapour volatile components of the fresh or dried plant material. In order to guarantee absolute sterility, the distillates are filtered sterile according to special method.


Our emulsifying agents are very suitable for the production of W/O and O/W emulsions as well as for the solubilisation of essential oils and perfume oils in slight foaming products.


We create perfumes for fine fragrances, cosmetics, personal and home care with a broad range of natural and artificial raw materials. Creation of new fragrances on request appropriate to the customer's specific needs and according to the most recent trends based on market studies and legislation (e.g. IFRA, European Cosmetic directive).

Active Substances

For the the elaboration of our cosmetic active substances we consider the very special needs of our customers. You may find a lot of water soluble fat oils and vitamines as well as vitamine complexes in our product list.

Custom Chemical Synthesis

Are you looking for a fine chemical raw material and cannot find it commercially available anywhere? We have an excellent background knowledge in the fields of Esterifications, Acetylations and Acetalizations. Our range of production runs from kg to ton scale.