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Chemische Fabrik Schwäbisch Gmünd

In the year 1891 Heinrich Grau and August Locher founded the Chemical Factory "Grau & Locher" in Schwäbisch Gmünd, at that time located in rented premises. In 1897 however, a new factory could already be built on own ground in Bismarckstreet. The main line were chemotechnical products like dubbin, shoe polish, floor polish, soap powder and insecticides.

After the First World War and the hard years of the inflation the brothers Waldemar and Leonhard Grau took over and the firm's name was changed into "Gebrüder Grau & Co.". Besides the chemotechnical products some cosmetic products were added to the line. At the end of World War II for instance they brought out the first german foam bath in 1946.



With Heinz Grau the third generation followed in the management of the firm in 1958. Being a chemist himself, Heinz Grau soon recognized that the firm's future lay more in the field of raw materials than of finished products. Emulsifiers were developped for perfumery and cosmetics, then herbal extracts and active substances, and in the 1950s the production of fragrance-chemicals, perfumery specialities and flavour-chemicals began.

In 1979 the firm's name was changed into "GRAU AROMATICS GmbH & Co. KG", considering the great importance aroma chemicals had now for the fragrance and perfumery industry.

GRAU AROMATICS accepts the challenge and recommends itself as a reliable supplier for the perfumery, fragrance, cosmetic, soap and detergent industry. A worldwide network of representatives is at our customers' disposal for an excellent service and to meet all requirements of the market.


GRAU AROMATICS is well prepared for the future with creativity, innovation, modern equipment, first class analytics, high flexibility and excellent service to achieve total cutomer satisfaction.